Psychogeography Project New York (PgPny)
Thematic explorations of New York City conducted in 2001-2002—these urban rambles sometimes included as many as 50 people, and culminated in the creation of spontaneous artworks, in the spirit of Guy Debord and the Situationists.

~PgPny0: October 31, 2001
~~PgPny1: The Written Word, December 2001
~~~PgPny2: Desire, February 2002
~~~~PgPny3: The New York Minute, March 2002
~~~~~PgPny4: The Life Map of Objects, Trading Places Conference, April 2002
~~~~~~PgPny5: 24 Bucks, June 2002
~~~~~~~PgPny6: Take the A Train, August 2002

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